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About School

Tallinn Kuristiku Secondary School (Tallinna Kuristiku Gümnaasium) was founded in 1984. Our school, where about 635 students are studying now,  is the largest school in Lasnamäe. The results of national exams of our graduates are higher than average numbers all over the country. Our students also take part and get honourable positions in subjects and sports competitions.

The spirit of our school is thoroughly kept by both: the teachers and the students. The students' representation was organised to provide the easier management of our school and to make our school life more interesting and more suitable for every taste.

On the 3rd of September 2012 our school was renovated and partly rebuilt. The greatest changes were made in our sports hall (it has become much bigger and changed its location), we also got a spaciuos library and a large auditorium hall. There are computers and video projectors in all classrooms. The football pitch and the running track received the new coat. A larger parking lot was built at the main entrance.

Altogether there are 78 employees working at Tallinn Kuristiku Secondary School, 60 of whom are teachers. There are 28 forms, where the average number of students is 23.

Headmaster - Raino Liblik
Deputy Headmaster (primary school) - Ly Melesk
Deputy Headmaster (basic and secondary school) - Siiri Aiaste

Primary and Basic School

All the students study English from the very first year. After the 6th year of studying all the students are divided into level groups according to student's academic performance. They can attend classes with more thorough studying either in foreign languages or maths. Simultaneously they can have  either German or extra maths classes added to the curriculum.

For all students we offer free after-class activities, such as: folk dancing, ball games and athletics. We have also got pre-school classes for 6- year-old children. The classes are held once a week in the evenings and last for three hours. For some extra fee students of primary school can attend after-school classes, where they can learn, play and stay at school until 5 pm.

The second foreign language (B language) in our school for all students is Russian, which is taught from form 6.

Secondary School

The  10th grade is compiled based on the results of the basic school (four-quarter scores and behaviour), the results of the tests and interview. Secondary school students can study some subjects more thoroughly, depending on the branch they have chosen. We have got three main branches: Humanities-Languages, Econonics-Business and Science. These three branches are based on the following subjects.

Science Branch
Mathematics, Physics, Drawing, Computer Science, Economics

Humanities-Languages Branch
3 foreign languages (English, Russian, German/Spanish), Literature (philosophy), History (Art History), Computer Science. It is possible to study English and German as A and C foreign languages and Russian is the second foreign language (language B) for all students at our school.

Economics-Business Branch
Business English, Economics, Computer Science

Regardless of the choice of the field of study or the class each student can make an individual choice what subjects to take in addition.

  • Media Studies
  • Secretary Studies
  • Mechanic/Car painter
  • National Defence
  • Guiding
  • Spanish

Students' Representatives

The tasks of the Students'Representatives include maintaining the traditions of the school and organising the various special events. Student Union consists of the pupils who have got the highest authority in their classes. Students Union is not only the place where pupils can do after-class activities, such as ball games and aerobics, this is also the place where students can practice democracy.

Other Facilities

In our large gym you can play handball, basketball and other games.
Our school newspaper KreskU has won the popularity in both paper and on line versions.
Arts and Crafts clubs can develop a sense of beauty.
There are 23 computers in Computer Science classroom.
Dancing can be learnt in Folk Dance classes.
You can sing in a children's choir or you can study solo singing.


School History

The school was opened on the 1st September, 1984. The school got its name as Tallinn Secondary school nr.60, it is renamed now as Tallinn Kuristiku Secondary School. On the official ceremony there were some very important people of those times as well as guests from abroad.

The first headmaster, Vjacheslav Gussarov, was handed the symbolic key to the school, on which were engraved three names of the best builders. Students of 5th grade laid flowers to commemorate the victims of World Wars.

The school bell rang and the first lesson began - the lesson of peace.

At those times the most powerful youth organisation was Pioners. Almost all boys and girls were members of this organisation. It was very easy to recognise them as they were wearing red ties. Lots of useful activities and interesting competitions, such as collecting old papers, playing draughts and building snow castles, were organised by Pioners.

The school has always paid the special attention to sports education as well. Starting from the very first year girls have practiced and taken part in aerobics competitions. The wrestling competitions were also held in our school. Students got honourable  sports rewards and titles of those times.

In 1988 Marti Tulva became the headmaster of our school and he was working at this position for 21 years.

Alongwith the changes taking place in the whole country, there were some conserning our school. Instead of school nr. 60 it has got another name “Kuristiku”. Where did this name come from? There used to be a small village with the same name Kuristiku, which nowadays is lost and almost forgotten, because the modern distrisct of block of flats Lasnamäe was built there.

The small museum, which can help to keep memories of this small village, was organised by a teacher Ivi Talimäe, who used to live in that village. We can say that today our school still has the conception of village school, because most of our almost 700 students live close at hand. Senior teachers can recall two generations of some families studying there, and there can be 3 or 4 children from one family attending our school.

In 1999 our school was renovated: there was more space for physical education, the old windows were replaced into the plastic ones and the walls in the classrooms and corridors were painted.

The changes which led to the building enhancement were made with a great help of Art teacher Sirje Merilol, who together with her students decorated our school building with beautiful stained-glass windows.

In 2009 Raino Liblik became the headmaster of our school.

In October 2011 the so waited renovation of our school began, which lasted the whole academical year. During this time the teaching process was in the building of former Vocational School of Communication.

On the 3rd of September 2012 the official ceremony of opening the thoroughly rebuilt and refurbished schoolhouse was held.

The greatest changes were made in our sports hall (it has become much bigger and changed its location), we also got a spaciuos library and a large auditorium hall. There are computers and video projectors in all classrooms. The football pitch and the running track received the new coat. A larger parking lot was built at the main entrance.

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